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Sarah Palin Thanks People

Colin Woodford did this the other day, (thanks Dan DiPiero for sharing that). I’m doing it too. Snow day! Whatever. Starts at 00:40.

Sarah Palin Thanks People

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Dreamin’ of you


Hey friends. I’m playing a few shows with Brad Linde’s BIG OL’ ENSEMBLE featuring the music of Elliott Hughes. Dates below:

06.03.15 – ArtsCenter; Carrboro, NC 8pm
06.09.15 – Jazz Gallery; NYC 8pm 9:30
06.10.15 – An Die Musik; Baltimore, MD 8pm
06.11.15 – Atlas Performing Arts Center, DC 8pm

Musicians Include
Elliott Hughes – conductor, composer/arranger

Gina Izzo – Flute
Jon Irabagon – alto saxophone, flute (Alex Burgoyne 06.03.15)
Brad Linde – tenor saxophone
Billy Wolfe – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Oran Etkin – bass clarinet (Aaron Hill 06.03.15)

Seneca Black – lead trumpet (Christian McIvor 06.03.15)
Tara Kannangara – trumpet (Jim Ketch 06.03.15)
Joe Herrera – trumpet

Ryan Keberle – trombone (Lucian Cobb 06.03.15)
Jeff Nelson – bass trombone (Evan Ringel  Trombone 06.03.15)
Amie Amis – horn (Scott Baily Bass Trombone 06.03.15)

Aaron Quinn – guitar
Erika Dohi – piano
Julian Anderson-Bowes – bass (Jason Foureman 06.03.15)

You should come. Hey, if this bores you…check these out

collision art; appropriation art;



10400872_10102827162036468_7055394815627264555_nJonathan Taylor – drums

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8 notes. Recent Spring Jam(s). Stuff…

So, Uniqlo sucks. figure that.

Here is piece #8, #9 is almost done…will post soon…maybe…

Just Checking

Just CheckingJust Checking 2Just Checking 3

A bunch of things on the internet that are my JAM lately include:

Dan DiPiero, the celeb crush of every male/female and plant in the midwest region is blargh-ing again, and there are MEGA WORDS IN THEM! *now with more words!

Larry Marotta is blogging now, and he also has MAD WORDS on that shit. Some might wonder why Larry was not mentioned or blogged about when I was doing those little write-ups of people for the concert I did at the Brothers Drake a few months ago. The reason is: I interviewed Larry awhile back, and i’m just going give a huge, i’m talking HUGE internet handjob to Larry, and you are all welcome to check it out.

My friends and I (Dennis Hodges, Aditya Jayanthi, and Larry Marotta) started a Electric Guitar Quartet and it’s called the Ursonate Guitar Quartet. We have a/two concert(s) coming up in August which will feature new music by badass composers. More on this later. In the meantime, go here and go here for that, here to listen only if you want to do that. And write something for us, it’s easy, guitar is dum.

Alex Burgoyne

Finally, Hypnotide‘s first record is out and it’s really fucking good. No CDs, straight to vinyl (like straight to Blu-Ray). If you want one, you can buy them below via the interwebzzz, or from a Columbus, Ohio music retailers such as: Lost Weekend, Records Per Minute, Used Kids, Magnolia Thunderpussy, Spoonful, and Elizabeth’s Records. Obviously it’s the 21st century, and vinyl is valued as much as salt in the early roman years…it’s a limited press…buy it here now OR listen to it and buy the wav/mp3/flac/ape/gif/tiff. Or stream it, see if I give a shit.

So, I made you a short mixtape via soundcloud of stuff i’ve been listening to via soundcloud lately…hear you go:

I might add more later



First off

I’m in Columbus right now for a few days. I am on tour with one of my favorite, and now one of your favorite bands Fields and Planes. The new record is awesome, and everyone is the coolest

You can go here ——-> to get a copy. It’s one of my favorite things i’ve been apart of. I can honestly say i’ve teared up to this record many many times.

Digital release will be next week sometime.

In the meantime, if you are in Milwaukee (04/02), Chicago (04/03), or Columbus (04/05), come and say hi. Details on those shows are HERE

That’s pretty cool

Unlike this new piece…

Here is the new Coleman prompt piece, featuring Bb, the newest member to the list. I played it last night with Seth Daily, Alex Burgoyne, and Nathan Smith, and I really liked it. Play it, and tell me what you think:

7 notesPDF: 7

I now work at Uniqlo, fuck the pizza game. It’s in SoHo, and I get there at 7am. This is awesome because I get to see SoHo without everyone and their mother walking around. It’s a gorgeous part of town. This is not awesome because…it’s 7am…so it goes.


I’m listening to recordings of your friend, my hopeful lover: Dan DiPiero. A group of concrete pieces utilizing samples of his friends from all over the united states. He posted on his blog, (which you should follow). So far…this is really really good. You should check it.

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Ryan Jewell, and who has what/what has who?

Hey Friends!!!


Ryan Jewell: Percussionist/Guitarist/Sound Artist/Vocalist/blahblahblahist living in Cbus, not only dominates every “scene” in the city, but also dominates every scene in your life. In mother Russia, Ryan doesn’t play the drums, Ryan plays you…

in addition to some of the most intense and thought provoking solo sets i’ve seen in a long time, Ryan leads bands such as Mosses, Temple of Ur, and plays with every band in town including one of my favorites: Quiet Pepsi. His collage work ranges from super quiet background sounds to super quick micro-edits that usually “don’t stop till they get enough.” This can be seen with his Eschew Obfuscation; Espouse Elucidation record among others.

His piece for the night features three percussionist bowing crotales, and three guitarist playing harmonics for about 10 minutes. It’s going to be awesome. Little known fact, Ryan is at the forefront of the kale stalk revolution. No only eating the stalks raw, but also using the stalks as drumsticks, and freeing the stalk from it’s glory-whore leaf counterpart. He is now one of the “go to” kale stalk connoisseurs outside of Micronesian, and is sponsored by Botanical Interest and Dole.

So…What’s what Aaron?

Here are the pieces for the evening of the 21st at the Brothers Drake Meadary at 5pm, who is playing them, and what their cool names are:

(There might be one more)

Still Winter – Alex Burgoyne

TBA – Voice
Larry Marotta: Guitar
Dennis Hodges: Guitar
Aditya Jayanthi: Guitar
Aaron Quinn: Guitar

Odd Conversations – Aaron Butler

Aaron Butler: Electronics
Aaron Quinn: Guitar

Without – Seth Daily

Larry Marotta: Guitar
Dennis Hodges: Guitar
Aditya Jayanthi: Guitar
Aaron Quinn: Guitar

Fix (Peculiar Junk #2) – Noah Demland

Noah Demland: Cans
Ryan Jewell: Junk
Seth Daily: Drumset

Almost (for Aaron) – Dan DiPiero

Aaron Quinn: Guitar
Dan DiPiero: Prerecorded Material

To Eat Their Own – Dennis Hodges

Dennis Hodges: Guitar
Seth Daily: Drums

Piece Body (for 3 percussionist and 3 plucked instruments) – Ryan Jewell

Aaron Quinn – Guitar
Dennis Hodges – Guitar
Larry Marotta – Guitar
Aaron Butler: Percussion
Noah Demland: Percussion
Dan DiPiero: Percussion

Guitar Quartet in G# minor – Larry Marotta

Aaron Quinn: Guitar
Aditya Jayanthi: Guitar
Larry Marotta: Guitar
Dennis Hodges: Guitar

how to disagree with everything they say – Aaron Quinn

Aditya Jayanthi: Guitar
Aaron Quinn: Guitar
Dennis Hodges: Guitar
Larry Marotta: Guitar

I’ll be coming into town on the thursday before all of this and leaving the monday after all of this. I probably won’t be able to see you, but we will see…

Also, I thought it would get easier the more notes you have available…it is not the case. 7-note piece is killin’ me

Also, I got a job at a pizzeria. How about that!


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Aditya Jayanthi and the 6 note conundrum….

Hey Friends, Check this guy out!


Aditya Jayanthi: Guitarist/Composer/K-Pop Perv-Audiophile who recently moved back to his birth place…which is Cbus…to do what he does best: slay dragons and shit. His output as a composer is completely fucked. Everything he has written is ON POINT. With influences running from all over the galaxy, his music ranges from Messiaen inspired harmonic structures to not dumb, super guitar-istic “tunes.” He released a noise record called Fibonacci, and has started a new group called Turtle Boat featuring the music of Paul Motian, Thelonious Monk, and Charles Mingus. He performs with groups such as Free Jazz Hit Parade, Insane Jazz Posse, Raw Dough, and will soon be a guitarist in Hypnotide. Ishmael Ali and I got him shoes for his birthday once that said “git some” on the tongue…I wonder what happened to those…you should ask him. Look at him HERE! Listen to him HERE!

So, 6-note song…cool…writing music is fun, especially when you don’t get to play it with people…


It Just Won’t

It Just Won't pg 1It Just Won't pg 2It Just Won't pg 3It Just Won't pg 4



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Dennis Hodges! This guy!


Dennis Hodges: Guitarist/Composer/Retired Back-flipper is in my opinion, one of the most versatile and uber-talented guitarist i’ve ever met. His music ranges from Brouwer-esque solo guitar miniatures, to super intricate pieces that range in influence from all over the American J*zz map. Now, the record he just put out by himself featuring instrumental \m/etal work…whhooooooaaaaaaa doooood. It’s solid. Riffs 4 dazzeee. The record also features some of his solo guitar work which includes tapping, harmonics, and major chords…some other chords too…I guess… He leads his own trio which features not only his compositions, but includes recent mainstream repertoire within the idea of “New Standards.” The group includes songs like Everlong, Black Hole Sun, Buddy Holly, etc. (basically songs he grew up in the 90s).

In addition to his own work, he with Dr. Awkward, Dirty Money, Dave Powers, Kristen Eubanks and TOMB among others. He is one of the few who actually researches deep into and artist’s work, getting past the top layer of their most noted achievements, to fully immerse himself into their vocabulary and compositions. He also is probably one of the most ridiculous people to play a duo gig with…it’s just absurd. It’s a good thing.

Listen to him HERE! Look at him HERE! 

Here is piece number 5. 5 notes, should be played in the style of wallpaper music, but with a lot more emotional baggage. Just think about your father, you’ll do fine.



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Dan DiPiero!!!! 4 notes, HOLY MOLY! Check us out on Facebook!



Dan DiPiero: Percussionist/Composer/Writer/Actually Reads Foucault person who is not only one of the finest dressed people of all of the composer/performers on this list, but maybe of everyone I know, (sorry Billy). Recently relocated to Cbus from L.A., Dan is one of the most well read people I know. Especially with authors everyone brags about reading, and in the end they obviously just went to wiki to google a quote to use in a stupid fucking conversation at a bar…or even worse…a shitty coffee shop…back to Dan. His music since heading to CalArts has been a big source of inspiration to me, and not because of “oh, cool chord brah,” but in his use of actually THINKING about musical structures, simultaneity, improvisation, and shared vocabulary/ies and the lack thereof, (whoa, really brah). His string music is actually fucking fresh too, EVEN his string quartet. Which, sorry to burst you bubble, that shi..genre… gets old real quick. The music is sincere, no matter how complicated. Every note NEEDS to be there, nothing is extraneous, and it keeps getting better. Also mother fucker in the kitchen too, and an avid post enthusiast, (like letters and shit). His piece for the concert is for Guitar and pre-recorded material and is really really pretty. I am super lucky to play it, but will not hear the pre-recorded material until i’m performing the piece…fucking stoked #livingontheedge #dontgivenofucks

The first movement is really pretty though, I could play it for hours.

Listen to him HERE! Look at him, Read him, BE HIM HERE

Here is piece number 4… four notes…nothing funny here…

On a Piece of White Toast

On a Piece of White Toast 1On a Piece of White Toast 2On a Piece of White Toast 3

Next up is Dennis Hodges

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Noah Demland. Piece using 3 notes. Maybe a new flyer? IDK, I suck…


Hey friends, Noah Demland:

Noah Demland: Percussionist/Composer/Zine Artist who teaches at what seems to be the most badass school in Columbus, (ACPA, get hip). Half of Corbezzolo, and creates some amazing percussion and found-sound collage sound art. This is in addition to his “heart-on-sleeve” text in his zines, def coming from the early days (xerox your heart out). One of my favorite things about Noah’s practice, is his use of visual editing, (as per example in his new Geographies #2) where he embraces the visual element of collaging sounds versus the typical listening/editing of audio in order to create some of his pieces. Like cooking without taste but scent, or painting without sight but touch, or something like a Lifetime Movie adage of a ghost’s lost love or some shit. Obviously, this is in addition to his other work where he does a bunch of things, (descriptive Aaron, way to go. No wonder you can’t get a job. Those are reserved for people with a mental capacity higher then a 5-year old) that he sums up, and I agree, to Junk-Punk. Super heavy into Riot Grrrl and Queer-Punk culture, Kim Deal, and cool shoes. One of the reasons Stauffs in Grandview is still in business, and one of the many reasons why Feverhead is badass. His glasses are pretty cool too.  His piece for the concert coming up is for Percussion Trio; Specifically for Cans, Junk, and Drum Set, (so many booty jokes, so good). All I know is the first measure is in 9/8: deal with it. Listen to his work HERE! Listen to his one-offs and on going pieces HERE! 

The third piece in the series deals with not only the star Eb, and our new friend A from the previous piece but also…D…

As most of you know, my least favorite interval is the Tritone…my favorite interval is either a Major 7th, or a Minor 9th (don’t say you would, fucking asshole). So, when you have an interval combination that you really dig, and an interval combination that you don’t, what do you do?

Micropolyphony brah…or at least the idea of it.

It felt like you were out with a suupppeeerrr awesome famous person that you’ve wanted to hang out with forever, like…idk…maybe George Clooney? THAT’S RIGHT GEORGE CLOONEY! Then you have some really annoying dude interrupting everything you guys are saying and ruining every cool moment, maybe Chris Tucker in every role ever, or Nicolas Cage yelling…at everything.

Either way, here you go. It can be played by a solo polyphonic instrument, but I do like the idea of three instruments playing. Basically, within the parameter of open music withstanding, it would sound cool with more then one person…

This Was The Worst One

This Was The Worst One pg 1

This Was The Worst One pg 2

This Was The Worst One pg 3

What do you think of these flyers? Which one do you like more? Which one can you actually find out what’s happening? Why does any of this matter? Why bother…

This one????

This one????

THis ONNNEEE!?????

THis ONNNEEE!?????

This one????

This one????

Tell me!!!

Next Week, Dan DiPiero!


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Look at that guy! Like I said before, here is a blurb about a composer/performer for the upcoming performance at Brothers Drake Meadery February 21st at 5pm. Now, to Seth:

Seth Daily: Percussionist/Composer/Guitarist/Bassist/Banana-Suit-Owner who pretty much plays with all of your favorite bands including Fields and Planes, Oliver Oak, The Pleasant Tense, Dickie and the Dailys, Liver Quiver, Cliffs and 16 others. He dresses well, writes incredibly intense music with a cloak of beauty on the surface that pretty much shows you that life is pretty dismal. Music draws from all influences, (which is the same for everyone who is performing that night) and isn’t afraid to be awesome at it. Has written music for Oliver Oak, Liver Quiver, a Double Trio with two guitars (!!!!), and even wrote a piece for me where he randomly detuned all my strings throughout the piece. If that isn’t kinky, I don’t know what is (heyo)! Also, won first place for the best song on the first Oliver Oak Christmas record…maybe ever? He’s so badass, mother fucker doesn’t even have a website, let a lone a shitty blog like this one. But, here are some bands he is in: Fields and Planes Oliver Oak The Pleasent Tense Liver Quiver Cliffs.

He’ll comment if he has sold out and has a website/bandcamp now

Here is a recording and a score of a piece I wrote for 9 players and celery. I would like to thank Kyle Tucker for helping me record it, and eating a stalk of celery. So headphones for this one…you’ll thank me later as you are covered in vomit.

Music for Celery Consumption (in three parts)


Next time: Noah Demland


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