Posted by: theatrociousspeller | July 4, 2014

Some media for FREEDOM!

Hey Friends!

So a band i’m in just made a music video. Said band is Oliver Oak, listen to music here, or look at this video full of highly attractive depressed 20-something year olds. I know which one I would pick…


Also, I was recently interviewed by Virginia/Washington D.C. Trombonist/Bandleader/Freedom Fighter Shannon Gunn for her podcast. If you want to listen to me try to conjure up sentences and stutter for about an hour, this is for you. Click below, and make sure to check out her music and other interviews. They are pretty cool…

CLICK HERE!!!! <—————-Here




Here is a picture of John Cage playing chess with Marcel Duchamp. You’re welcome


John Cage Marcel Duchamp




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