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Feburary 21st, 2015

Like I said before in my previous post: You should keep this night open

For TWO reasons.

Reason one: I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio for a that weekend (and some of that week) for two awesome concerts involving some of my favorite musicians and composers in the area. The first being this:

Feb Flyer idea

I, along with the awesome people above, have planned a concert featuring new works primarily dealing with Guitar and Percussion. In addition to the two most misunderstood instruments in western society…1 there will be a Saxophone, possibly voice, possibly keyboard, and for sure some pre-recorded material (!!!). This will probably run the gamut of 20th century new music genres such as Minimalism, J*zz, Free Improvisation, Drone, HxC, Aleatoric Parameters, and that really awkward quiet stuff that runs between Lowercase and improvised collage: the kind that your friends don’t like.2

Every day-ish (hopefully), i’m going to blurb about the composers because they are baaadaasssss, and mean a lot to me. So, first on the list: Alex Burgoyne

via Amy. Grrl, I see you

via Amy. Grrl, I see you

Alex Burgoyne: Saxophonist/Composer/Sad Haiku-ist who leads such bands as Free Jazz Hit Parade, Small Songs, and is one of three composer/performers of Liver Quiver. He plays with FJO, IJP, Raw Dough, and a suburban-rap group I can’t remember the name of, in addition to every band ever right now in Cbus. His compositions range from Minimalism, (not the boring kind) to songs that will keep you up at night…in a bad way…like tears and shit. It can also be pretty jovial. I’m pretty sure that’s a façade though. He makes baller soups, knows how to cook carrots,3 looks like a velociraptor when he plays the saxophone,4 and he also knows the glory of Canadian Club. Listen to his stuff HERE. Read his stuff HERE. Listen and read his stuff HERE.

Also happening that night, my surf band Hypnotide5 is having our online release show (DICK’S DEN) of a record we recorded almost a year ago which features compositions by Larry Marotta, Joe Nelson, and myself. This is going to be pressed to vinyl sometime soon. When the date gets closer, i’ll tell you more about it. We might play new stuff that we haven’t recorded, or played live…who knows…Surf of Die Tryin’

Tomorrow, we have Aaron Butler, A new piece from the Anthony Coleman composition prompt I told you about a few days ago, and cats front flipping. And now…FOOTNOTES!!!!

1 I was going to put something here but…well…maybe another day when i’m intoxicated and I need a break from FB stalking all of your boy/girlfriends…
2 This stuff right herr
3 Besides Dan DiPiero’s Meta-Carrots…I have no idea what to do with these guys. It’s impressive.
4 Tiny hands, can open doors, attacks from all sides: Velociraptor
5 The band formerly know as Surf’s Up, Hose Down. What a great band name 😦



  1. LOL that picture.

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  3. […] at that guy! Like I said before, here is a blurb about a composer/performer for the upcoming performance at Brothers Drake Meadery […]

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