Posted by: theatrociousspeller | January 24, 2015

Hey, there is this guy named Aaron you should stalk once in awhile. He seems pretty cool

Hey everyone

In accordance to yesterday’s post, here is a blurb about composer/performer Aaron Butler

Look at that guy

Look at that guy

Aaron Butler: Percussionist/Composer/Couch Sleeper in the Athens/Cbus area who curates concerts of new percussion music with his group NOBROW Collective. In addition to his work with NOBROW, he travels around and plays new music with LIVING composers present, gets these ridiculous composers to write amazing music for him, and hangs out with people like John Luther Adams (yeah, no big). Also does solo noise sets, and supposedly makes a mean cocktail. I’ve only heard a few pieces of his own via the interwebs, but…let’s just say…fuckers better not sleep. He is a ridiculous percussionists, cares about the continuum of the lineage which is super apparent by how he constantly engages composers to create new repertoire, and obviously doesn’t do it for the Bling and Gucci….or the nookie for that matter. Via facebook, this is a guy you should befriend. His post range from hopeless nostalgia, to alcohol influenced band ideas/names that would fucking owwwwn.  Also enjoys whiskey and has a mean mother fucking beard. Once again via the interwebs, his piece for the upcoming concert at Brothers Drake on the 21st will be an excerpt from his new composition “Odd Conversations.” I’m sooo stoked. You should be too. Look at him HERE! Listen to him HERE! This is NOBROW!!

Here is piece number 2, utilizing 2 pitches: Eb, and A. I try a tone…with a good tone…I tried.



Up next we have Columbus heart throb, sun-blocking lense connoisseur Seth Daily. Also, a realization of a piece I wrote waaayyy back that some of you were nice enough to perform for the premier. With headphones, this is by far the most brutal piece i’ve ever written. Big ups to my boi Luigi Russolo. Now, here is a picture of a cat doing a front flip…IN SPACE!!!

Neko Flip



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