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Look at that guy! Like I said before, here is a blurb about a composer/performer for the upcoming performance at Brothers Drake Meadery February 21st at 5pm. Now, to Seth:

Seth Daily: Percussionist/Composer/Guitarist/Bassist/Banana-Suit-Owner who pretty much plays with all of your favorite bands including Fields and Planes, Oliver Oak, The Pleasant Tense, Dickie and the Dailys, Liver Quiver, Cliffs and 16 others. He dresses well, writes incredibly intense music with a cloak of beauty on the surface that pretty much shows you that life is pretty dismal. Music draws from all influences, (which is the same for everyone who is performing that night) and isn’t afraid to be awesome at it. Has written music for Oliver Oak, Liver Quiver, a Double Trio with two guitars (!!!!), and even wrote a piece for me where he randomly detuned all my strings throughout the piece. If that isn’t kinky, I don’t know what is (heyo)! Also, won first place for the best song on the first Oliver Oak Christmas record…maybe ever? He’s so badass, mother fucker doesn’t even have a website, let a lone a shitty blog like this one. But, here are some bands he is in: Fields and Planes Oliver Oak The Pleasent Tense Liver Quiver Cliffs.

He’ll comment if he has sold out and has a website/bandcamp now

Here is a recording and a score of a piece I wrote for 9 players and celery. I would like to thank Kyle Tucker for helping me record it, and eating a stalk of celery. So headphones for this one…you’ll thank me later as you are covered in vomit.

Music for Celery Consumption (in three parts)


Next time: Noah Demland



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