Posted by: theatrociousspeller | February 1, 2015

Noah Demland. Piece using 3 notes. Maybe a new flyer? IDK, I suck…


Hey friends, Noah Demland:

Noah Demland: Percussionist/Composer/Zine Artist who teaches at what seems to be the most badass school in Columbus, (ACPA, get hip). Half of Corbezzolo, and creates some amazing percussion and found-sound collage sound art. This is in addition to his “heart-on-sleeve” text in his zines, def coming from the early days (xerox your heart out). One of my favorite things about Noah’s practice, is his use of visual editing, (as per example in his new Geographies #2) where he embraces the visual element of collaging sounds versus the typical listening/editing of audio in order to create some of his pieces. Like cooking without taste but scent, or painting without sight but touch, or something like a Lifetime Movie adage of a ghost’s lost love or some shit. Obviously, this is in addition to his other work where he does a bunch of things, (descriptive Aaron, way to go. No wonder you can’t get a job. Those are reserved for people with a mental capacity higher then a 5-year old) that he sums up, and I agree, to Junk-Punk. Super heavy into Riot Grrrl and Queer-Punk culture, Kim Deal, and cool shoes. One of the reasons Stauffs in Grandview is still in business, and one of the many reasons why Feverhead is badass. His glasses are pretty cool too.  His piece for the concert coming up is for Percussion Trio; Specifically for Cans, Junk, and Drum Set, (so many booty jokes, so good). All I know is the first measure is in 9/8: deal with it. Listen to his work HERE! Listen to his one-offs and on going pieces HERE! 

The third piece in the series deals with not only the star Eb, and our new friend A from the previous piece but also…D…

As most of you know, my least favorite interval is the Tritone…my favorite interval is either a Major 7th, or a Minor 9th (don’t say you would, fucking asshole). So, when you have an interval combination that you really dig, and an interval combination that you don’t, what do you do?

Micropolyphony brah…or at least the idea of it.

It felt like you were out with a suupppeeerrr awesome famous person that you’ve wanted to hang out with forever, like…idk…maybe George Clooney? THAT’S RIGHT GEORGE CLOONEY! Then you have some really annoying dude interrupting everything you guys are saying and ruining every cool moment, maybe Chris Tucker in every role ever, or Nicolas Cage yelling…at everything.

Either way, here you go. It can be played by a solo polyphonic instrument, but I do like the idea of three instruments playing. Basically, within the parameter of open music withstanding, it would sound cool with more then one person…

This Was The Worst One

This Was The Worst One pg 1

This Was The Worst One pg 2

This Was The Worst One pg 3

What do you think of these flyers? Which one do you like more? Which one can you actually find out what’s happening? Why does any of this matter? Why bother…

This one????

This one????

THis ONNNEEE!?????

THis ONNNEEE!?????

This one????

This one????

Tell me!!!

Next Week, Dan DiPiero!




  1. I like the first one. I do like the 80s pop art quality of the second one, but it is a little hard on the eyes. The third one says to me “concert you won’t enjoy but should attend anyhow because it will be good for you.” Just my two cents

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