Posted by: theatrociousspeller | February 3, 2015

Dan DiPiero!!!! 4 notes, HOLY MOLY! Check us out on Facebook!



Dan DiPiero: Percussionist/Composer/Writer/Actually Reads Foucault person who is not only one of the finest dressed people of all of the composer/performers on this list, but maybe of everyone I know, (sorry Billy). Recently relocated to Cbus from L.A., Dan is one of the most well read people I know. Especially with authors everyone brags about reading, and in the end they obviously just went to wiki to google a quote to use in a stupid fucking conversation at a bar…or even worse…a shitty coffee shop…back to Dan. His music since heading to CalArts has been a big source of inspiration to me, and not because of “oh, cool chord brah,” but in his use of actually THINKING about musical structures, simultaneity, improvisation, and shared vocabulary/ies and the lack thereof, (whoa, really brah). His string music is actually fucking fresh too, EVEN his string quartet. Which, sorry to burst you bubble, that shi..genre… gets old real quick. The music is sincere, no matter how complicated. Every note NEEDS to be there, nothing is extraneous, and it keeps getting better. Also mother fucker in the kitchen too, and an avid post enthusiast, (like letters and shit). His piece for the concert is for Guitar and pre-recorded material and is really really pretty. I am super lucky to play it, but will not hear the pre-recorded material until i’m performing the piece…fucking stoked #livingontheedge #dontgivenofucks

The first movement is really pretty though, I could play it for hours.

Listen to him HERE! Look at him, Read him, BE HIM HERE

Here is piece number 4… four notes…nothing funny here…

On a Piece of White Toast

On a Piece of White Toast 1On a Piece of White Toast 2On a Piece of White Toast 3

Next up is Dennis Hodges


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