Posted by: theatrociousspeller | February 4, 2015

Dennis Hodges! This guy!


Dennis Hodges: Guitarist/Composer/Retired Back-flipper is in my opinion, one of the most versatile and uber-talented guitarist i’ve ever met. His music ranges from Brouwer-esque solo guitar miniatures, to super intricate pieces that range in influence from all over the American J*zz map. Now, the record he just put out by himself featuring instrumental \m/etal work…whhooooooaaaaaaa doooood. It’s solid. Riffs 4 dazzeee. The record also features some of his solo guitar work which includes tapping, harmonics, and major chords…some other chords too…I guess… He leads his own trio which features not only his compositions, but includes recent mainstream repertoire within the idea of “New Standards.” The group includes songs like Everlong, Black Hole Sun, Buddy Holly, etc. (basically songs he grew up in the 90s).

In addition to his own work, he with Dr. Awkward, Dirty Money, Dave Powers, Kristen Eubanks and TOMB among others. He is one of the few who actually researches deep into and artist’s work, getting past the top layer of their most noted achievements, to fully immerse himself into their vocabulary and compositions. He also is probably one of the most ridiculous people to play a duo gig with…it’s just absurd. It’s a good thing.

Listen to him HERE! Look at him HERE! 

Here is piece number 5. 5 notes, should be played in the style of wallpaper music, but with a lot more emotional baggage. Just think about your father, you’ll do fine.




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