Posted by: theatrociousspeller | February 13, 2015

Ryan Jewell, and who has what/what has who?

Hey Friends!!!


Ryan Jewell: Percussionist/Guitarist/Sound Artist/Vocalist/blahblahblahist living in Cbus, not only dominates every “scene” in the city, but also dominates every scene in your life. In mother Russia, Ryan doesn’t play the drums, Ryan plays you…

in addition to some of the most intense and thought provoking solo sets i’ve seen in a long time, Ryan leads bands such as Mosses, Temple of Ur, and plays with every band in town including one of my favorites: Quiet Pepsi. His collage work ranges from super quiet background sounds to super quick micro-edits that usually “don’t stop till they get enough.” This can be seen with his Eschew Obfuscation; Espouse Elucidation record among others.

His piece for the night features three percussionist bowing crotales, and three guitarist playing harmonics for about 10 minutes. It’s going to be awesome. Little known fact, Ryan is at the forefront of the kale stalk revolution. No only eating the stalks raw, but also using the stalks as drumsticks, and freeing the stalk from it’s glory-whore leaf counterpart. He is now one of the “go to” kale stalk connoisseurs outside of Micronesian, and is sponsored by Botanical Interest and Dole.

So…What’s what Aaron?

Here are the pieces for the evening of the 21st at the Brothers Drake Meadary at 5pm, who is playing them, and what their cool names are:

(There might be one more)

Still Winter – Alex Burgoyne

TBA – Voice
Larry Marotta: Guitar
Dennis Hodges: Guitar
Aditya Jayanthi: Guitar
Aaron Quinn: Guitar

Odd Conversations – Aaron Butler

Aaron Butler: Electronics
Aaron Quinn: Guitar

Without – Seth Daily

Larry Marotta: Guitar
Dennis Hodges: Guitar
Aditya Jayanthi: Guitar
Aaron Quinn: Guitar

Fix (Peculiar Junk #2) – Noah Demland

Noah Demland: Cans
Ryan Jewell: Junk
Seth Daily: Drumset

Almost (for Aaron) – Dan DiPiero

Aaron Quinn: Guitar
Dan DiPiero: Prerecorded Material

To Eat Their Own – Dennis Hodges

Dennis Hodges: Guitar
Seth Daily: Drums

Piece Body (for 3 percussionist and 3 plucked instruments) – Ryan Jewell

Aaron Quinn – Guitar
Dennis Hodges – Guitar
Larry Marotta – Guitar
Aaron Butler: Percussion
Noah Demland: Percussion
Dan DiPiero: Percussion

Guitar Quartet in G# minor – Larry Marotta

Aaron Quinn: Guitar
Aditya Jayanthi: Guitar
Larry Marotta: Guitar
Dennis Hodges: Guitar

how to disagree with everything they say – Aaron Quinn

Aditya Jayanthi: Guitar
Aaron Quinn: Guitar
Dennis Hodges: Guitar
Larry Marotta: Guitar

I’ll be coming into town on the thursday before all of this and leaving the monday after all of this. I probably won’t be able to see you, but we will see…

Also, I thought it would get easier the more notes you have available…it is not the case. 7-note piece is killin’ me

Also, I got a job at a pizzeria. How about that!




  1. hey! I wrote a tune!

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