Posted by: theatrociousspeller | March 31, 2015

7-note piece with stupid title, FAP-ping USA, and what the fuck is happening…


First off

I’m in Columbus right now for a few days. I am on tour with one of my favorite, and now one of your favorite bands Fields and Planes. The new record is awesome, and everyone is the coolest

You can go here ——-> to get a copy. It’s one of my favorite things i’ve been apart of. I can honestly say i’ve teared up to this record many many times.

Digital release will be next week sometime.

In the meantime, if you are in Milwaukee (04/02), Chicago (04/03), or Columbus (04/05), come and say hi. Details on those shows are HERE

That’s pretty cool

Unlike this new piece…

Here is the new Coleman prompt piece, featuring Bb, the newest member to the list. I played it last night with Seth Daily, Alex Burgoyne, and Nathan Smith, and I really liked it. Play it, and tell me what you think:

7 notesPDF: 7

I now work at Uniqlo, fuck the pizza game. It’s in SoHo, and I get there at 7am. This is awesome because I get to see SoHo without everyone and their mother walking around. It’s a gorgeous part of town. This is not awesome because…it’s 7am…so it goes.


I’m listening to recordings of your friend, my hopeful lover: Dan DiPiero. A group of concrete pieces utilizing samples of his friends from all over the united states. He posted on his blog, (which you should follow). So far…this is really really good. You should check it.


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