Posted by: theatrociousspeller | May 7, 2015

8 notes. Recent Spring Jam(s). Stuff…

So, Uniqlo sucks. figure that.

Here is piece #8, #9 is almost done…will post soon…maybe…

Just Checking

Just CheckingJust Checking 2Just Checking 3

A bunch of things on the internet that are my JAM lately include:

Dan DiPiero, the celeb crush of every male/female and plant in the midwest region is blargh-ing again, and there are MEGA WORDS IN THEM! *now with more words!

Larry Marotta is blogging now, and he also has MAD WORDS on that shit. Some might wonder why Larry was not mentioned or blogged about when I was doing those little write-ups of people for the concert I did at the Brothers Drake a few months ago. The reason is: I interviewed Larry awhile back, and i’m just going give a huge, i’m talking HUGE internet handjob to Larry, and you are all welcome to check it out.

My friends and I (Dennis Hodges, Aditya Jayanthi, and Larry Marotta) started a Electric Guitar Quartet and it’s called the Ursonate Guitar Quartet. We have a/two concert(s) coming up in August which will feature new music by badass composers. More on this later. In the meantime, go here and go here for that, here to listen only if you want to do that. And write something for us, it’s easy, guitar is dum.

Alex Burgoyne

Finally, Hypnotide‘s first record is out and it’s really fucking good. No CDs, straight to vinyl (like straight to Blu-Ray). If you want one, you can buy them below via the interwebzzz, or from a Columbus, Ohio music retailers such as: Lost Weekend, Records Per Minute, Used Kids, Magnolia Thunderpussy, Spoonful, and Elizabeth’s Records. Obviously it’s the 21st century, and vinyl is valued as much as salt in the early roman years…it’s a limited press…buy it here now OR listen to it and buy the wav/mp3/flac/ape/gif/tiff. Or stream it, see if I give a shit.

So, I made you a short mixtape via soundcloud of stuff i’ve been listening to via soundcloud lately…hear you go:

I might add more later




  1. Dude, that Alessia Cara track–whoa!

    And just so you know, I prefer a fragrance-free organic, preferably aloe-based, lube. Otherwise, I’m prone to chafing, and if that means I can’t wear my Spider-Man Underoos for a few days, I’ll be generally irritable and cranky.

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