·        Aditya Jayanthi: Guitarist

·        Andrew Hartman: Guitarist/Composer

·        Billy Wolfe: Saxophonist/Composer /Billy Wolfe

·        Dan DiPiero: Percussionist/ Composer/Blogger

·        Dan Pugach: Percussionist/Composer/Arranger

·        Evan Oberla: Trombonist/Composer

·         Fran Litterski: Pianist/ Composer/ Vocalist

·         G. Finesse and the N.S. Crew: MC with Band

·         Kirk Schonherr: Guitarist/Composer

·         Mark Flugge: Pianist

·         Paul Kirby: Pianist/Composer

·         Raw Dough: Hippie Jam Band

·         Realicde: Midwest Crew/My birthplace

·         Robert Holiday: Composer/ Pianist

·         Stan Smith: Guitarist/Composer/Educator/My second birthplace

·         Sunny Kim: Vocalist/Electronics/Composer

·         Tom Davis: Guitarist/Composer

·         Vic Juris: Guitarist/Composer/Educator

·         William Flynn: Guitarist


·         Colonial Music: My workplace

· The best online Japanese dictionary

·         Trevor Brown: British artist now in Japan

·         Goodreads: Online book thing

·         Western Swing 78



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