Hey everyone

In accordance to yesterday’s post, here is a blurb about composer/performer Aaron Butler

Look at that guy

Look at that guy

Aaron Butler: Percussionist/Composer/Couch Sleeper in the Athens/Cbus area who curates concerts of new percussion music with his group NOBROW Collective. In addition to his work with NOBROW, he travels around and plays new music with LIVING composers present, gets these ridiculous composers to write amazing music for him, and hangs out with people like John Luther Adams (yeah, no big). Also does solo noise sets, and supposedly makes a mean cocktail. I’ve only heard a few pieces of his own via the interwebs, but…let’s just say…fuckers better not sleep. He is a ridiculous percussionists, cares about the continuum of the lineage which is super apparent by how he constantly engages composers to create new repertoire, and obviously doesn’t do it for the Bling and Gucci….or the nookie for that matter. Via facebook, this is a guy you should befriend. His post range from hopeless nostalgia, to alcohol influenced band ideas/names that would fucking owwwwn.  Also enjoys whiskey and has a mean mother fucking beard. Once again via the interwebs, his piece for the upcoming concert at Brothers Drake on the 21st will be an excerpt from his new composition “Odd Conversations.” I’m sooo stoked. You should be too. Look at him HERE! Listen to him HERE! This is NOBROW!!

Here is piece number 2, utilizing 2 pitches: Eb, and A. I try a tone…with a good tone…I tried.



Up next we have Columbus heart throb, sun-blocking lense connoisseur Seth Daily. Also, a realization of a piece I wrote waaayyy back that some of you were nice enough to perform for the premier. With headphones, this is by far the most brutal piece i’ve ever written. Big ups to my boi Luigi Russolo. Now, here is a picture of a cat doing a front flip…IN SPACE!!!

Neko Flip


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Feburary 21st, 2015

Like I said before in my previous post: You should keep this night open

For TWO reasons.

Reason one: I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio for a that weekend (and some of that week) for two awesome concerts involving some of my favorite musicians and composers in the area. The first being this:

Feb Flyer idea

I, along with the awesome people above, have planned a concert featuring new works primarily dealing with Guitar and Percussion. In addition to the two most misunderstood instruments in western society…1 there will be a Saxophone, possibly voice, possibly keyboard, and for sure some pre-recorded material (!!!). This will probably run the gamut of 20th century new music genres such as Minimalism, J*zz, Free Improvisation, Drone, HxC, Aleatoric Parameters, and that really awkward quiet stuff that runs between Lowercase and improvised collage: the kind that your friends don’t like.2

Every day-ish (hopefully), i’m going to blurb about the composers because they are baaadaasssss, and mean a lot to me. So, first on the list: Alex Burgoyne

via Amy. Grrl, I see you

via Amy. Grrl, I see you

Alex Burgoyne: Saxophonist/Composer/Sad Haiku-ist who leads such bands as Free Jazz Hit Parade, Small Songs, and is one of three composer/performers of Liver Quiver. He plays with FJO, IJP, Raw Dough, and a suburban-rap group I can’t remember the name of, in addition to every band ever right now in Cbus. His compositions range from Minimalism, (not the boring kind) to songs that will keep you up at night…in a bad way…like tears and shit. It can also be pretty jovial. I’m pretty sure that’s a façade though. He makes baller soups, knows how to cook carrots,3 looks like a velociraptor when he plays the saxophone,4 and he also knows the glory of Canadian Club. Listen to his stuff HERE. Read his stuff HERE. Listen and read his stuff HERE.

Also happening that night, my surf band Hypnotide5 is having our online release show (DICK’S DEN) of a record we recorded almost a year ago which features compositions by Larry Marotta, Joe Nelson, and myself. This is going to be pressed to vinyl sometime soon. When the date gets closer, i’ll tell you more about it. We might play new stuff that we haven’t recorded, or played live…who knows…Surf of Die Tryin’

Tomorrow, we have Aaron Butler, A new piece from the Anthony Coleman composition prompt I told you about a few days ago, and cats front flipping. And now…FOOTNOTES!!!!

1 I was going to put something here but…well…maybe another day when i’m intoxicated and I need a break from FB stalking all of your boy/girlfriends…
2 This stuff right herr
3 Besides Dan DiPiero’s Meta-Carrots…I have no idea what to do with these guys. It’s impressive.
4 Tiny hands, can open doors, attacks from all sides: Velociraptor
5 The band formerly know as Surf’s Up, Hose Down. What a great band name 😦

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Hey! You Sound Great!

Hey friends!

Recently, a friend of mine (the most famous) Deric Dickens and I decided to start a composition “get-together.” We get together once a week-ish, and go through Anthony Coleman’s composition prompts from one of his classes at NEC.1

The premise is based on Gyorgi Ligeti’s piece Musica Ricercata,2 where we write a piece within parameters limiting our pitch classes per piece. The first piece would utilize only one pitch,the second piece would only use two pitches, etcetera.

“Hey Aaron, why would you do this? This sounds Dum.”

“Ex nihilo, ya dig?”

So, here’s number one. Deric being so famous and all, is heading to NAMM this year. So we are actually going to start at the beginning of February. I’m going to try to do the prompts once all the way through before we start since I have no friends in Brooklyn…or money…4

Hey! You Sound Great!

Hey! You Sound Great!

Do you think this is Dumb? Tell me in the comments! Have you tried this before? Send me a chart!!!

Also, a little bird told me to leave February 21st open…you probably should do that too…i’ll explain later…like in a day or so…


                  1  The New England Conservatory for people who haven’t been rejected from their masters program…not bitter…
                  2 I’m assuming, Coleman as far as I know hasn’t dropped the Ligeti bomb. Saying that, the motherfucker knows everything pertaining to a massive amount of musical cultures, composition methods, and has utilized and researched every improvisatory language from mad cultures and time periods…so I’m assuming he probably has “dabbled” with this piece and Ligeti’s oeuvre…he also plays piano so…yeah…
                   3 A tad different from the Ligeti, which its first movement utilizes two notes in the most epic authentic cadence ever to exists in western european art music’s diaspora…like fo’ real.
                  4 Funny how both of those things line up…J…K…
                  5 I’ve been reading a lot of DFW. These things are awesome when you don’t HAVE to add them.

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Top 15 of 2014

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 1.53.26 AM

Before we begin, I would like to say thanks to Capital Bop for including Team Players in their top 5 records for 2014. This is the first time I’ve been apart of a “year-end list,” and 4 out of 5 isn’t bad. Also on the internet:

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 1.35.59 AM

Dark City featuring Kiefer Sutherland…

So let’s do this, top 15 of 2014. The only parameters I allowed myself were I had to listen to the record more then three times, (not in succession, even though I did multiple times with the majority of these records). There were sooo many great records this year, maybe because I really really tried to actually listen to everything everyone had told me to listen to or heard on the internet/radio/blah and then of course, researching all those artist all the people they are related to via their past work history.

No order obviously.

Some of these records are by friends. They are amazing musicians/composers, fucking deal with it.

  1. Cuddle Magic + Phyllis Chen
    Holy Toy Piano Batman. Heartbreaker: An Extra Life
  1. Big Shot – 6,600
    Holy Reverb Batman. Heartbreaker: Beast on the Shore
  1. Vince Staples – Hell Can Wait (EP)
    Holy Production Batman. Heartbreaker: Screen Door
  1. Battle Trance – Palace Of Wind
    Holy Fuck. Period. This is hands down the most tiring records on this list. Plan to be alone afterwards. Heartbreaker: The record
  1. Anthony Pirog – Palo Colorado Dream
    Holy Group Interaction Batman. Heartbreaker: The New Electric. The guitar tone on the breakdown at the end makes me lift my fist to the sky.
  1. I Am a Curse – Sequel for an Unforgiving Wreckage: Civil Wars
    Holy Riff Connections Batman. Heartbreaker: The Shore
  1. Hail Mary Mallon – Bestiary
    Holy 4-Bar Trading Batman. Heartbreaker: Jonathan
  1. Kid Runner – Wake Up Now (EP)
    Holy Crack-Habit Batman. Heartbreaker: Whole Record. You cannot listen to this record one time through…it just keeps repeating and you can’t stop it. It’s magical
  1. Taylor McFerrin – Early Riser
    Holy Back-Beat Batman. Heartbreaker: Degrees of Light
  1. Holly Herndon – Chorus (EP)
    Holy 2-Tracks Batman. Heartbreaker: Chorus
  1. KOOL A.D. WORD O.K.
    Holy What The Fuck Is This Batman. Heartbreaker: Open Letter
  1. URA – S/T
    Holy Vocals Batman. Heartbreaker: La Raíz
  1. Dan Weiss – 14
    Holy Orchestration Batman. Heartbreaker: Whole record. It needs to be listened to in one sitting.
  1. Vicky Chow/Tristan Perich – Surface Image
    Holy Texture Batman. Heartbreaker: Hour long piece bro: Get Up In It.
  1. Marc Baron – Hidden Tapes
    Holy Composition Batman. Heartbreaker: The whole thing…it’s some of the most amazing tape collage shit I’ve heard. Heart-on-your-sleeve concrète.

What are your favorites? Tell me your favs in the comments.

Also, yea… idk…i’ll talk to you soon. Miss you. I mean that.


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Here it is….

Everything is broken

So…Hey…how are you…


1: I’ve moved to Brooklyn….I don’t know why….but i’m here…
2: I’ve been writing a lot of stuff
3: My friends are awesome, and have been doing the same
4: I’ve been doing some analysis of Alfred Schnittke, specifically his Piano Quintet. Didn’t really think about this earlier…it’s not like a lot of his other pieces…it’s also dedicated to his (at the time) recently deceased mother…
5: Looking for jobs gives you a lot of time to listen to records in between looking for jobs…this has been the fucking best part of moving to Brooklyn…and being jobless…
6: Things are things, and sadly you can’t change that, but why would you want to? Fuck it, right?


I’ve been transcribing some of the George Russell compositions/arrangements off of his 1961 record Ezz-Thetics due to a recent conversation with my depressed red-bearded friend in Jazz Crimes, Brad Linde. Here is the first track called….well…Ezz-Thetics. This lead sheet is a combination of two versions due to…well….listen to the 61 recording, (Thanks David Baker). The cleanest version under Russell’s “baton” is the Miles Davis/Lee Konitz recording off of Conception which was a compilation released by Prestige. That recording is from 1951. The lead sheet is a hodgepodge version of this version below, and the Miles/Konitz version.So…HEY LOOK AT THAT!

George Russell - Ezz-Thetic


Ezz-Thetic 2Another thing:

Aaron Butler (Nobrow Music Collective) asked a bunch of composers via facebook to write him a miniature to record for his impending winter break in Athens aka Purgatory…He recorded a few last night and you can hear them here. Mine is the worst, but thanks to Aaron, it doesn’t sound stupid. THANKS AARON!!! The score is below for mine if you want to take a look….pretty dumb….PDF is below that…why bother….

for what it isfor what it is2for what it is3for what it is4for what it is5for what it is6

PDF!!! Aaron Quinn – for what it is


Don’t worry. I’m not about to die. I wish I had a beer and a cigarette right now…but everything is great. AND GUESS WHAT?? I have 4, that’s right, count them, 4 drafts for post on this blog. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen this…get ready to sell you house and move to Bhutan!


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What I’ve Learned In A year OR I’m Having So Much Fun

Alex Burgoyne, being punk as fuck


Blow your horn and punch
the goddamned world in the face.
Let money be last.

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Surfin’ U.S.A.

Hello friends…

I’m on tour with Team Players (featuring Brad Linde, Billy Wolfe, and Deric Dickens)!!! It’s been great!! The first day we did a masterclass at UNC Chapel Hill, to later play at The Station. Then headed to Greensboro to play at the most badass living art museum ever called #Elsewhere. If you are in there area, try not to sleep.


My surf band’s album is done, we are changing the name of the band though….

What should we be called? Tell me in the comments.

So, here is a leadsheet for one of my pieces featured on the album. The title is from a tweet from Bill Murray. You should…play it:

The Ocean pg 1

The Ocean pg 2

The Ocean Gets Its Saltiness From The Tears Of Misunderstood Sharks

Here is a link to the audio:



Larry Marotta: Guitar
Aaron Quinn: Guitar
Brett Burleson: Bass
Joe Nelson: Drums
Fran Litterski: Voice
Megan Ramhoff: Voice
Paul Valdiviez: Voice
Jon Boley: Voice

Surf or die tryin




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Stuff i’ve been listening to that you should too (via bandcamp)

Hey Friends

You should listen to this stuff, I don’t know them but gosh golly they are sweeelllll!!

A real post this week, I promise..






What have you been listening to via bandcamp? It’s pretty sweet amirite!



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Some media for FREEDOM!

Hey Friends!

So a band i’m in just made a music video. Said band is Oliver Oak, listen to music here, or look at this video full of highly attractive depressed 20-something year olds. I know which one I would pick…


Also, I was recently interviewed by Virginia/Washington D.C. Trombonist/Bandleader/Freedom Fighter Shannon Gunn for her podcast. If you want to listen to me try to conjure up sentences and stutter for about an hour, this is for you. Click below, and make sure to check out her music and other interviews. They are pretty cool…

CLICK HERE!!!! <—————-Here




Here is a picture of John Cage playing chess with Marcel Duchamp. You’re welcome


John Cage Marcel Duchamp



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Hey Friends

I’m back. Calendar is updated. New post in the mix, stay tuned.



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